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Central Florida




Mid Atlantic

Original E3 member Brian Bordley of TB7 Salon featured on Baltimore radio show

North Florida

Healing Women Healing Nations Blossoms!

Innovative Marketing by Powerhouse Realty

New E3preneur Unveils First Marketing Campaign!

Portofino Pools Makes National News!

North Georgia

Tutu Maniacs (DeAndrea Byrd) Youth Fashion Show A Hit

L Bivens - Web.jpg

North Texas

We have movement! We welcome newly arrived E3preneur Lindsy Bivens owner of The Authors Pen, LLC and family to the Houston area. Lindsy is setting up shop and bringing her amazing talents to North Texas. Look for an event to kick start her business in the area!

In Their Own Words: The Authors Pen, LLC is a Publishing company providing a wide range of services tailored to position clients for success. We re-launched in 2016 with a fresh perspective and a renewed focus on Customer Support and Satisfaction. We have a proven track record of taking publishing projects from good to great. We take pride in having a reputational investment in both the writer and the written work. We believe excellence starts with how we support you and your project. Our staff has over a decade of writing and publishing experience combined. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality. We offer a range of services including: Consultation, Book Coaching, Copyright Submission, 2-Level Editing, and a variety of Publishing Packages.

Community Passion:

We find joy in serving our community by supporting various causes including but not limited to: Youth organizations (CRC Educational Resources, Krumpin 4 Success, Pace Center for girls), Hubbard House, and Clara White Mission. We believe in partnering with those who demonstrate a love for basic needs like food, education and empowerment.

Website: www.tapwriting.com
Phone: 877-652-3830
Email: info@tapwriting.com
Facebook: The Authors Pen