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 Below is an excerpt which speaks to the origins of E3 from the upcoming book, "E3 - A Philosophy for Business Success"

"...In 1991 I experienced two life changing experiences; the ending of a young marriage and the loss of my job as a defense contractor. Returning to my home in Baltimore, MD I was faced with the challenges of making a living and refocusing my life. A product of the inner city, growing up in a single parent household; I was all too familiar with the career opportunities in the street. Fortunately, I had been raised by a strong mother and guided by a wise grandmother. After spending time on unemployment and having no luck with finding a job as a young twenty something without a college degree, the options began to narrow. My life reached a crossroad one Friday evening when I received an envelope with $5000 dollars and an offer to make more if I designed a database for a local "street business". Tempted, tired, and tested I went to the only person I could fully trust, my grandmother.

Grandmother Johnson gave me a piece of wisdom which changed my life. After hearing my plight she asked a question. "Why do you feel you have to deal with people who aren't your friends?" "Because they are all that I know." I replied. "Well then, you need to find out what is important to you and find people who believe in the same thing." Just like that... everything changed.

I spent two days locked away from everyone. After hours of self pity, self assessment, and finally, self awareness I wrote down those statements as the three most important beliefs needed to reach my full potential. I decided that in order to create this reality I would have to surround myself with people who would help foster this mindset and embrace the philosophy as theirs. The next 6 weeks were amazing. I went through each day with copies of the philosophy in my pocket, on flyers and on the tip of my tongue. I would share E3 with everyone I met. People sitting next to me on the bus, a person changing a tire in a parking lot, guys in the barber shop or on the basketball court, women in the mall. Each time, I would share E3 and speak of my dream to create my own business and join with a group of like minded entrepreneurs.

Some people thought I was stupid. Some thought I was disillusioned, but some... some thought it made sense. Each time I ran into an individual who could see what I saw I invited them to my home for a meeting. Two months later, in a Westside Baltimore apartment, 15 individuals sat in a small living room with a couch, TV, and 55 gallon fish tank listening to a young man speak about a vision. There was an aspiring high school graduate seeking to be a caterer, a radio station secretary with skills as a graphic designer, a promising model, a printer repairman, a young man who made African American themed greeting cards as a fundraiser for inner city youth, even a street hustler just looking for a free dinner. They all listened. They all stayed. That was the beginning of E3...."



To pre-order "E3 - A Philosophy for Success" send your request to e3book@e3businessgroup.us.