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Our philosophy is more than an inspirational statement. It is a mandate for our entrepreneurs. We do not settle for lackluster businesses, low ethics, or unprepared business owners. We do not look at our members as statistics for an annual report. We refuse to idly allow our communities to languish when we have talents, resources, and a mindset which allows us to affect change.

E3 is the ONLY organization which empowers its members to make a difference. A key element of E3 is our constant awareness that each entrepreneur is a potential parent, spouse, child, or sibling. We embrace the humanity of our members and use their collective passion to fuel our growth. E3 is rising because our entrepreneurs are being conditioned to lead by example and are provided the tools to enhance their skills and their approach to achieving personal success.

Our membership features some of the most creative and well thought out tools designed help build a business and a reputation within your community, city, and state.

Business Promotion

Inclusion in a minimum of three (3) online marketing campaigns, two (2) email marketing campaigns, and two (2) print advertising campaigns. Business profile page (linked to home site) on E3 site, inclusion on all informational materials (newsletters, reports, brochures) inclusion of marketing materials at all events, marketing space at all functions and events, opportunity to be E3 spotlight member minimum of 4 times a year (meetings or events), opportunity to promote business via Clear Channel (Radio). In addition, E3 provides organization members support for development of company letterhead, brochures, logos, branding, vision, mission statement, and collateral marketing pieces such as business cards, fliers, post cards, mailers, etc. Preferred or nominal fees for design services and access to preferred print, publication, and marketing rates with all E3 affiliated vendors.

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Leadership Development

Opportunity to receive access to business resources, leaders, and captains of industry through customized workshops, seminars, and trainings. Mentoring and coaching by national leadership and partners on strategic planning, time management, budgeting, federal contracting, bonding and insurance, taxes, grant writing, accounting, staff recruitment/retention/training, and other skills on a periodic basis. Assistance with contacting local, regional and national resources and developing of relationships with E3 partners who are aligned with business goals and objectives.

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Business Development

Able to receive support and assistance with development of marketing strategies, growth plans, pricing models, loan applications, accounting systems, information management systems (databases), employee handbooks, inventory control, soft skills branding and sales. In addition, eligible to receive scholarships and grants for trainings which are required for industry certifications, licensing, and inspections. Eligible to apply for E3 Entrepreneurial Academy at preferred rates and compete for scholarships. (Opening Summer 2011)

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Negotiation and Contract Support

Receive representation, resources, and support during negotiations for lease agreements, vendor terms, distributor opportunities, import/exports, and contracts. Receive up to 3 complimentary document reviews (no page limit) for contracts, proposals, and bid responses. Receive free or reduced rate services for grant preparation, contract typing, and terms of agreement.

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E3 Fund

The E3 Fund is the signature benefit for E3 members. This unique program provides gap financing to entrepreneurs for a wide variety of expenses relating to the successful start up or expansion of your business. It is based on membership and does not involve credit checks, lengthy applications or bank approval. Examples of funding include coverage of operation build up, inventory purchase, travel expenses, bonding, insurance premiums, technology purchases, rent and deposits, event costs, marketing materials, business uniforms, and filing fees. The fund is a no interest loan which ranging from $100—$5000 based on E3 tenure, need, and fund levels. Case Study—The Personal Empowerment Center The Personal Empowerment Center provides youth with character development, life skills, and goal setting techniques through an innovative program administered through school systems, non-profits, and organizations. The company had an opportunity to secure a contract with Clay County Public Schools and was in need of capital to help cover filing expenses for IRS 501C3 Non-Profit Designation. The group contacted the E3 Business Group and applied as a member for the E3 Fund. Within 48 hours TPEC was approved for a short term funding of $750. Without the E3 Fund TPEC would have lost an opportunity for a contract vital to their organizational growth.

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E3 Events

Preferred rates on all E3 sponsored or hosted events including A Dinner With… and E3 Mixers.

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E3 Partnerships

Opportunity to leverage E3 relationships for preferred pricing, advertising, product promotion, or business to business opportunities for your business. Receive letters of introduction, letters of recommendation, and history of business for use to establish credibility with larger companies.

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E3 Resources

Receive a wide variety of complimentary or heavily reduced pricing for services including online webinars, eBlasts, research, technology support, tax preparation, legal assistance, personal training, supplies, 5 star catering services. Resources continue to develop as each new member of E3 brings additional products and services to the group locally and nationally.

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