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Introducing E3 Speaks


One of the richest assets of E3 Business Group, Inc. is the amazing collection of talented individuals which make up our membership. For years we have utilized this group of thought leaders from various industries. This year we are working to expose some of our aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced Subject Matter Experts to a wider audience. E3 Speaks is our response to this need.

This page will bring to you various business owners, community leaders and E3 stakeholders who have proven their worth and share our passion for Educating, Encouraging and Empowering. We hope you will receive the knowledge they share and apply it in your business or personal world. The goal is to introduce you to companies deserving of your business and dollars, ensuring E3 spotlights the collective value of membership, and empowering the article writers by allowing their experience and professional knowledge to be fully recognized in their respective industries. Like an article or tip?Send your feedback to Send Mail so we may share with our membership. You may see it posted here!


5 Tips On Finding The Right Event Planner

No one ever considers an event planner until it’s show time. Rarely does that birthday boy or girl, bride or groom, or small business say “gee we need an event planner”. More than likely someone from the outside looking in will say, “hey, maybe you should pay someone else to do that?” and you then have that Ah Ha moment. So how do you move forward from there? I’m going to give you a few tips on how to find the perfect planner for your event.

Tip #1: Referrals. Referrals. Referrals. Most event planners biggest source of business is word of mouth. Ask someone. If you are looking at flowers or rental items, ask the person that works there. More often than not they’ve developed a relationship with a planner or designer and can refer you to one. Or ask your friends. Somebody in your circle knows someone who knows someone! Also, read reviews. Reviews can definitely help you narrow down your choices. But you first must ask! A closed mouth won’t get fed!

Tip #2: Consultations. A lot of planners and designers offer free consultations or will charge a fee for the consultation that will go towards your booking or retainer. A consultation does not mean you have to go with that planner. Do not sign a contract at this meeting! The point is to get to know the planner, see their portfolio, talk ideas, and basically “vette” them. You want to find out if they will be able to be honest with you about costs, pricings, their abilities, and trust. You’ll also find out if their wants are the same as your wants because once that contract is signed you’re in relationship that is legally binding and you don’t want to be miserable. Trust your instincts! If you’re sitting with a fun, outgoing, excited planner, you’re going to know just how genuine they are.

Tip #3: Styles. Every planner has their own style (whether they know it or not). You want to make sure that your style comes through and is displayed in the best way. Look though the planners social media sites, web pages, and vendor listings. Someone has pictures somewhere. Most serious businesses will have all of the above. Check them out and decide on who will be able to present your style in the best displays possible

Tip #4: Budget. I put budget last because it may not always be a deciding factor. You may not get the worst outcome from the cheapest planner but you also may not get the best experience with the most expensive either. But you can’t have Kleinfeld’s dreams with a David’s Bridal Budget. And the right planner will set you on the straight path. First you need to prioritize your budget. Is having a planner a necessity? Yes. Am I willing to sacrifice my peonies for hydrangeas so that I can afford my planner? Maybe??? Lol But again it’s your budget.

Tip #5: Once you’ve worked through these factors, then you’re ready to decide on a planner. Make a list of all the planners you know and have heard about and put them in order or wants. Then put them in order of reviews, then styles, the budget. See which ones match up, meet with those and go from there!

-KaTori Roussel

KaTori is one half of K’s Event & Designs. Her and her mother Kathy Nelson Telfair plan, design, and coordinate weddings and social events of all types, sizes and occasions. KaTori specializes in planning and coordinating while mom focuses on designing, creating and organizing. K’s Events & Designs was founded to create life time memories out of YOUR special events.

E3 Comments – K’s Event & Designs is a proud member of E3 North Florida and has been commissioned by the organization and various individuals for events over the past 15 months. They have consistently lived up to their motto creating a number of memorable events. The company is also an investor into the revitalization of NW Jacksonville as a Partner with the Cobbin Legal Entrepreneur Community Center and is the official event resource for E3. #E3Recommended - (904)424-2191 – kevents2014@gmail.com